What is Progressive Web App (PWA)?

Progressive Web App or PWA for short, is a type of application software that is delivered through the website. PWA is intended to work on any platform that uses a standard browser. It allows the user to add the web app on their phone/desktop's home screen, which enables a quicker access to the website by simply tapping on the icon.

Advantages of Progressive Web App

Easy Discovery & Installation

It is easier to be found as a PWA rather than an app listed on Apple AppStore or Google Play. Seamless way of installation that requires little to no effort at all.

Quick & Easy Access

With website being added on to user's home screen as an app icon, it enables the users with a quick & easy access to the website. Without the need to typing in the URL of a specific website.

Progressive Enhancement Support

Apps require tons of updates and support, which are often not updated by a user. Not updating an app could result in not getting the best out of the particular app. It is fairly important to update your apps as frequently as it is available to stay on top with the apps features.

With PWA, updates are no longer required by the users. New features or updates are progressively updated for the users each time the user access the PWA.


Using an Iphone or Android or an Ipad? No worries, Progressive Web Apps are responsive towards whatever devices you use. It automatically scales & allows the users to have full experience no matter their devices.


With HTTPS in mind, it provides a secure delivery mechanism that prevents snooping, while ensuring the content has no been tampered with.

Installing directly from the URL, ensures the users that they are installing the right app. Web Apps eliminate the confusions and ensures the users get the best possible experience.

Need an example application?

Try out Courtsite's Progressive Web App feature! We thrive to give our users the best experience while using Courtsite for their sporting booking needs.

IOS users
Android & Huawei users