Imagine you’re planning for a trip, what website comes to your mind when you are searching for an accommodation? If Airbnb or Agoda comes to mind then we are on the same page.

In Malaysia, when you are planning to book a court for any sports, can you think of a booking site? Or do you go through the conventional way: google then call to book an available court? The failure to provide accessibility to locate and book a court conveniently is mostly due to the lack of reliance on the current booking system. Hence, we would like to introduce COURTSITE to be the platform that tackles the needs in our community.

Through occasional late night conversations and inspiration by Airbnb and Agoda, our journey begin with 6 badminton enthusiast motivated to develop a system to fill and accommodate the growing populace, to reduce unnecessary time spent and our reliance on modern conveyance system.

Finding out how to best represent our values through visual identity is essential to us. Having that in mind, we started gathering images that inspired us and deciphered what visual qualities felt like us. We have established a few principles that associate with our values to communicate these individual designs:


Our vision is to provide convenience to users. A clean and clear webpage, uncluttered, recognisable visual design should be accessible and responsive.


We are focused to create a brand that conveys youth and open mind interaction with our users. Our product and trendy graphic language will allow us to communicate with our users easily.


Our use of a consistent structure demonstrates each feature as part of a greater piece to our product. Our brand’s visual language speaks clearly to this principle.

The first milestone was the decision made unanimously to create our brand COURTSITE. To break it down, COURT refers to all types of sports courts; whereas SITE indicates a website that provides information, booking function and reviews and ratings.

When we first started gathering ideas on building our brand’s graphic identity, our focus was mainly to communicate the ambition to bring convenience to badminton courts booking. The shuttlecock incorporated in our brand’s logotype acts as a distinct visual to illustrate our focus in badminton.

However, as COURTSITE progresses through the last few months, we slowly realised the demand of online booking in other sports. The change in logo better reflects our direction in providing a platform for all sports. This change has reflect our principle for simplicity.

The locator symbol is constructed by a rotated ‘C’ with a pointy ‘S’ anchored within. This focuses on COURTSITE service as a sports court locator. The curvature of the logomark represents our flexibility to adapt changes based on what’s optimum for our users. Apart from that, the logomark establishes a visual platform that links multiple courts in different locations into a single website. It communicates searching for a court. This is consistent with our vision to provide convenience to users.

Colour Palette
When establishing our brand we knew that we wanted to create an identity that quietly yet confidently convey the active spirit of sports brand without feeling aggressive. So we did a font and color study, and finally coming to a combination that we liked.

After numerous discussions in searching for the right combination of colours for our visual graphic design, we have chosen blue as our theme colour. The blues we use are a variation of calm, muted blues with a couple accent colours to compliment the main blues. The main blue, especially, felt easy on the eyes. This decision was made as blue carry on the harmonious ambiance, which makes our users feel comfortable when making booking on our website. This colour combination has also been incorporated in our blog, unifying our structure to keep things consistent and professional.

The fonts, Karla and Poppins are both incorporated throughout our website and blog.

Karla is chosen due to its quirky lines and its bountiful spacing between letters. Karla looks great as paragraph text, and on top of that successfully convey a sense of friendliness. It’s hard to find paragraph typefaces that both looks good and has personality. Karla is also a sans serif. Hence it can be seen mostly in our content.

Poppins on the other hand, is solely used for headings due to its modern look when in bold. Poppins has an active energy to it. It’s a geometric sans that’s not afraid to take up space so it has a strong presence. The constructive font of Poppins is suitable for headlines and title as it renders very well at big sizes and compliments Karla’s trendy touch.

we make some of our visuals too


  • Carpark
  • Badminton Shop
  • Shower Room
  • Drinks Shop
  • Wifi
  • Ventilation

Putting everything together...