8 reasons why you should stop using pen & paper and convert to an online booking system instead

To be present on several social media platforms and to have your own website is crucial in this day and age. In a world where technology is evolving at a rapid pace, we too must adapt together with it. This can only get more and more intense as businesses and users are leaning more towards running initiatives or activities online.

So, many of you would wonder, how would switching your business to be online oriented help benefit you and your users? Trust me and hear me out on the many reasons why using an online booking system is such a game changer.

Availability 24/7

It's pretty simple. Most customers usually go online when they’re free or try to make a booking as and when they remember. If they can’t make a booking on the spot then what makes you think they will even bother to do it later? Having an online booking system where they can book whenever and wherever up till a few weeks in advance will not only allow you to retain your customers in the long run but also maximise business utilization.  

Good Customer Experience

We all know how good customer experience goes a long way and is one of the many determining factors as to whether a business succeeds or not. At today’s day and age, a seamless booking experience online is no longer an option as customers expect to be able to book directly, make payment and get an instant confirmation, all at their fingertips. Catering to their needs and expectations would definitely allow you to distinguish yourself from the rest.

Utilising workload

Running a business requires you to make smart decisions to fully optimise your resources well. This is where an online booking system comes in handy as it helps you to minimise your routined workload, and in turn, gives you more headspace to focus on the other aspects of your businesss. Truth be told, more and more businesses are diving into the online booking scene and you might already be losing out by dealing with your bookings manually. Think about how much precious time, effort and money could be used in a more productive way if you make the switch.

Customer data & analytics

Of course you must choose your online booking system wisely and not just any that you come across. A good online booking system should give you powerful insights and data about your customer trend and behaviour. These data would be your most important assets for marketing as you would be able to segment your customers and further understand them more to serve them better.


Always make the most out of something that is already happening. Never lose out on the chance to promote your business even during off-peak periods. Notice how companies prompt you to place an accommodation booking with them at a discounted rate right after you’ve bought your flight ticket? It happens everywhere in any other type of services alike where they would always find ways to egg you on.

Promotional codes

The online booking experience not only gives you an opportunity to generate more sales but to make a promotion. This is where your customer database comes into play so you can target a specific customer group to hand out discount codes based on their common interests. Promotional codes are one of many other key roles in customer retention plans or for potential leads as they're the most basic form of incentive.  

Online Payment

This point brings us back to the above reasons which is about ensuring good customer experience and managing workload. Being able to complete the whole booking process at one go is what customers would highly expect so it is essential to integrate an automatic payment. It serves as a plus point too as you can then allocate more than just mundane cashier duties to your staff.

Operations & Sales Transparency

By using an online booking system, you can have a transparent overview of your sales and business operations. This also means that you can access audit trails and activity feeds to track down any mismanagement. Courtsite’s sports booking platform provides a seamless and user friendly approach that you can incorporate into your business in no time. It is catered for desktop and also smartphone users to further offer them more accessibility via online booking. Courtsite’s purpose is to help your business thrive to its top potential while also ensuring the satisfaction of not only you but also your customers because we care. Take your business to the next level by joining us now at https://business.courtsite.my/!