Discount Input on Creating a Booking

  • You are now able to key in a discount price when you create a new booking.
  • Simply toggle the button next to Discount to insert $ or % discount for your booking, the final price of the booking will be shown under Discount.
  • For examples, if your booking is $60, your centre offers a 10% discount, you may toggle the discount button and insert “10%”, the final price will be shown as $54.

Duplicate Bookings

  • You are now able to duplicate an existing booking just by clicking the Duplicate button. The Duplicate button can be found when you move your cursor to any of the bookings.
  • Bookings under any conditions (paid/unpaid) will be duplicable.
  • Details including: date, time, duration, resource, service and guest details will be duplicated.
  • Do note the duplicate feature will not duplicate multiple resources, the amount of recurring booking and discount pricing.

Interested to find out more? Please drop by your contact HERE and we will get in touch with you shortly. For existing partner centres, do reach out to your friendly Courtsite customer success consultant for details and training.