Manual operation of these electronics can be tedious, time-consuming, bound for error and potentially abused by operations staffs. In many cases, customers of sports centres encounter bad customer experience when court lights are not being switched on in a timely manner. With automation, operations staffs are better off focusing on providing excellent customer service, cleanliness and event organization to promote the sports centre. Even better, you may lighten the staffing needs during off-peak hours and perhaps extending your operating hours.

Automation is also a form of enhanced control/governance, such that only paid bookings will trigger the lights automatically, while reducing utilities wastage.

With our IoT solution, your customers can just show up during their booking time and the lights will be switched on automatically, seamlessly.

What else can the IoT solution do?

1. Our business console also has Smart Switches which allow you to control lights remotely, and with a timer so you don’t need to remember switching it off:

2. Non-LED flood lights? Worry not, we designed our IoT activation to also factor in warm up and cool down:

3. Given the robustness of IoT solution we built, point 2 above can also be used to provide additional playing hours to your loyal customers (e.g. additional warm up time before start of the booking and additional buffer time to complete their game after the booking ends; subject to no back-to-back bookings).

How cool is that and interested to find out more? Please drop by your contact HERE and we will get in touch with you shortly. For existing partner centres, do reach out to your friendly Courtsite customer success consultant for more details.