We are grateful to be able to look back unto 2018 with smiles on our faces, as it was a good year for Courtsite — we laid the foundation of our core business model, planting the pavement for the future of the company.

As the first week of a new year comes to a close, we look forward to the coming 360 days by taking this opportunity to put on paper our resolutions for Courtsite which we aim to uphold for the rest of the year.

That’s why, in 2019 our resolution is to:

1. Widen the reach of Courtsite throughout Malaysia.  

Currently, we have 10 partners, covering a majority of the klang valley that uses us our services. But in 2019, we plan to completely cover all major cities, and townships throughout the klang valley — and also, other states throughout Malaysia (including the east)

2.  Enhance user experience both online and offline

We aim to further enhance our mobile app and website, adding in features that will continuously improve user experience online such as including add-ins like digital scoreboards, game organizers, etc. We will also continue to work on including more digital/automated centres similar to our very first digital badmiton centre; Forum Klang Badminton Centre.

3.  Implement Tournament/League Opportunities

In 2019, the highlight for Courtsite is to foster the growth of the love of badminton as a sport within all individuals by providing the means to host their own tournaments/league opportunities. This serves as a stepping stone to further grow the community that enjoys the sport as a pastime which will lead towards a healthier society — benefiting the nation.  

4. Make a mark in the industry

Lastly, Courtsite aims to make a dent in the industry this year. We want to continuously grow our online presence alongside improving our service experience. We hope that you will continue to support us this 2019, just as we hope to continuously offer you a seamless digital experience.