Have you ever had to reschedule a sports session? As much as one thoroughly sets plans, things may change. Unexpected schedule changes can disrupt your booking and lead to lost deposits. Moreover, rescheduling involves the hassle of contacting venue owners and finding a new time slot.

Our new Self-service Reschedule feature offers flexibility for your rescheduling needs. Whether it’s amending the time, date, or courts, all you need is just a few clicks! Let us show you how it's done.

Unlock Flexible Bookings in Four Steps:

Below we outline four easy steps in making changes to your booking:

Step 1: Access and amend your booking

Your bookings are located under “Upcoming” or under your Profile Activity. Simply click “Bookings” and select the booking you’d like to reschedule or modify.

Then, select “Reschedule booking” under Booking Management. This will lead you to the modify booking page.

Step 2: Modify your booking

Select "Reschedule" under Booking Management and make changes to your time, duration, and resources such as your preferred courts. Keep in mind that you can make amendments within 48 hours of your booking (this, however, is subject to a venue’s policy).

Step 3: Verify your changes

Don’t forget to double-check your changes. Verify your new date, time, then click "Checkout Cart" to proceed to the payment method page.

Do note that refunds for amounts under the initial booking are not available as per the venue’s policy.

Step 4: Receive your updated booking

After completing the checkout process, you'll have the booking summary and receive a confirmation email that reflects all the changes you made.

And you’re done! In four simple steps, you can easily unlock flexibility – all at your fingertips.

Have Your Game, Your Way

Courtsite aims to make sports accessible for all in Malaysia. As a change driver in the industry, our wish for the Self-service Reschedule feature is to boost the adaptability of booking venues.

The feature, a first of its kind, has been adopted by a majority of our venue providers (be sure to check your venues’ compatibility beforehand!). Not only does it simplify rescheduling for players, but it also empowers venue owners to streamline operations with minimal manual effort.

Planning on changing your booking? Try the Self-service Reschedule feature today!